Norway surprises with launch of 'new Skam' series

By On April 16, 2018

Norway surprises with launch of 'new Skam' series

The series, titled ‘Blank’, has several similarities with the highly popular ‘Skam’ which finished its run last year.

The new show appeared without warning on Saturday on a dedicated NRK website, a marketing tactic reminiscent of its forerunner.

On the website, video clips and social media messages from characters began to appear over the weekend.

‘Skam’ took Norway and several other countries by storm during its two-year, four-season run chronicling the lives of Norwegian teenagers at the Hartvig Nissens school in Oslo.

The characters in ‘Blank’ are a little older at 19, and the new series focuses on life after high school, or gymnasium to use the Norwegian term, NRK has confirmed.

The Norwegian broadcaster has also announced that content will be continually added to the 'Blank' website, with a complete episode to be broad cast on Sundays.

The website for the new NRK series can be found here.

‘Skam’ is set for remakes in a number of European countries as well in the United States, where it will be broadcast by Facebook’s US streaming service.

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Source: Google News Norway | Netizen 24 Norway

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