Norway's Myra has it going on, 'Føler meg selv' [Watch]

By On August 25, 2018

Norway's Myra has it going on, 'Føler meg selv' [Watch]

Imagine Sade moving from her unique blend of sensuous sophisti-pop to hip-hop and you’ll have an inkling of what Myra sounds like.

Myra, aka Regina Tucker, is a rapper and songwriter from Sandviken, Bergen, Norway. Her sound amalgamates alt-rap with R&B flavors, a sound I call sophisti-rap or sophisti-hip-hop, smooth and velvety, with a brash IDGAF attitude.

Norway is definitely not a country that comes to mind when you think of hip-hop. With a total population of just over 5 million people, you would never envision it as a hotbed of hip-hop. But it is. Norway’s hip-hop scene is on fire and just keeps getting hotter.

While growing up, Myra listened to Norwegian folk-rock singer Bjørn Eidsvåg. Then as a teenager, she discovered Nicki Minaj on YouTube. Minaj’s music was hard-hitting, suffused with daring, risky energy. As she listened, inspired, Myra realized she could rap too. So she began writing lyrics and developing melodies and beats. What sets her apart is her innate feel for flow riding atop sumptuous rhythm.

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“Føler meg selv” translates to “feeling myself” in English. The tune opens with spiraling synth colors and crisp finger-snaps flowing into a persuasive R&B-flavored trap-lite groove. A syncopated bassline juxtaposes the swirling synths, giving the tune voluptuous layers of harmonics. The mood and feel of the music exudes a wicked provocative femme fatale savor bright with heady pop hues. It’s both seductive and buoyant.

Myra’s voice is buttery smooth, while her flow and articulation are spot-on. She raps out the lyrics with effortless liquescence, imbuing the words with an infectious radiance rife with silky timbres and cashmere textures.

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Spiffed-up, glossy lyrics with echoing rhymes imbue the song with epic couplets.

“Young Maserati, Young Barbie on a Harley / Mashed Ariana Grande with Bacardi and became dangerous / Has an Ola Nordmann and a Kari / Harry, Harry, I have a Kehlani and a mami with a nice body / You can ask Arif, your lady e on no ‘crazy / I’m minked up, need makeup, so I give a sound to Malin.”

Myra delivers the heat with chic relevance. Definitely check out “Føler meg selv.” It’s effing lit!

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Source: Google News Norway | Netizen 24 Norway

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