Enfo strengthens its presence in Norway

By On September 13, 2018

Enfo strengthens its presence in Norway

Enfo strengthens its presence in Norway

Enfo Group strengthens its market presence in Norway with the aim of supporting more Norwegian customers in managing, refining, analyzing and using data wisely. Grethe Mona Pettersen, experienced expert in IT, joins Enfo as head of solutions sales and account management in Norway.

From technical to leadership, sales and account management, Pettersen has held different roles in the industry for more than 30 years. With her strong strategic insight and an extensive network of contacts, she is ready to help expand Enfo’s presence on the Norwegian IT market to a new level at a critical point in time.

“Enfo’s competence and customer value proposition attracted me to the company. Enfo focuses on the solutions and value we create for our customers, and we have the highly skilled consultants capable of helping customers make the righ t, far-reaching decisions on a complex market,” Pettersen says.

According to Pettersen, Norwegian businesses are ready for rapid scalability, which is where Enfo, with its increasing focus on the cloud, comes in. Enfo also will support its customers in Norway with hybrid data platforms, information management, business applications including digital services and the care of digital solutions in a hybrid platform environment 24/7/365. Pettersen believes the company’s Nordic dimension, with strong presence in Finland and Sweden, will also be an asset in Norway. Her office will be located in downtown Oslo.

“In the future, a company’s success will hinge on its ability to turn business around quickly. This requires a great deal of trust between the customer and the service provider, which we can provide. The second key element is understanding the value of the data they and their network holds and using it to create more value,” Pettersen says.

Enf o’s EVP Sales Andreas Wickell is excited to have Pettersen on board.

“Grethe Mona’s CV covers power houses such as Telenor and Affecto. Her insight will be valuable to us as we begin our growth in Norway. We will provide our customers support, focusing on mastering complexity, confidence in cloud and genuine care in customer relations â€" just as we do on our home market Finland, and in Sweden where we have over 50% of our turnover,” he says.

For additional information, please contact:

Andreas Wickell, EVP Sales, Enfo Oyj, +46 7060 74052

Grethe Mona Pettersen, Sales Manager, Norway, Enfo Oyj, +47 4848 4100


Data-driven business transformation

Enfo is a Nordic IT service company enabling its customers’ data-driven business transformation. With our niched expertise in managing hybrid platforms and business applications in cluding new digital services, we bring together relevant data for more intelligent operations. In an increasingly complex data environment, we integrate data on- and off-premises, in public and private cloud. We both build and run digital solutions â€" supporting our customers in mastering the complexity. We are over 900 niched experts working for a more intelligent world, with technology empowering people, businesses and societies.


Source: Google News Norway | Netizen 24 Norway

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