Oscars: Norway Selects 'What Will People Say' for Foreign-Language Category

By On September 04, 2018

Oscars: Norway Selects 'What Will People Say' for Foreign-Language Category

The film premiered at Toronto film festival last year.

Norway has selected What Will People Say (Hva vil folk si), directed by Iram Haq, for best foreign-language film Oscar consideration.

Co-produced by Norway, Germany, Sweden, France and Denmark, the film follows 16-year-old Nisha, a Pakistani teenager in Norway who is sent back to her extended family on the subcontinent when she seemingly soils her family's reputation.

"At school, she is a Norwegian teenager in a crop top, even when it's freezing outside because รข€¦ well, she's a 16-year-old and the impression she makes on her peers probably counts more than keeping warm," The Hollywood Reporter wrote in its review. " At home, she's kept on a short leash by her father, Mirza, a hardhearted Pakistani paterfamilias who expects his daughter to be home right after school and help his wife run the house."

What Will People Say had its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival last year. It went on to be screened at a number of other festivals, including Goteborg, Hamburg and Jerusalem.

What Will People Say is the second feature directed by Haq, a Pakistani-Norwegian filmmaker. Her debut film, I Am Yours, represented Norway in the foreign-language Oscar race in 2013.

Norway has been regularly submitting films for the foreign-language category since 1957. So far, five Norwegian films have earn nominations, Nine Lives in 1957, The Pathfinder in 1987, The Other Side of Sunday in 1996, Elling in 2001 and Kon-Tiki in 2012. A film from Norway hasn't won an Oscar so far.

Source: Google News Norway | Netizen 24 Norway

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