Sminq CEO learnt about life from the Preikestolen hike in Norway

By On September 03, 2018

Sminq CEO learnt about life from the Preikestolen hike in Norway

Sminq CEO learnt about life from the Preikestolen hike in NorwayBy Maleeva Rebello, ET Bureau|Sep 04, 2018, 08.14 AM IST

ETP2 04 Shachin Bharadwa  CEO Co Founder Sminq 4c
Shachin Bharadwa, CEO & co-founder, Sminq


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Being the CEO of a company typically means long hours at the desk. But not for Shachin Bharadwa, the CEO of Sminq. From bungee jumping and cycling to completing arduous treks, he’s done it all. But of all the adventures he’s been on, the Preikestolen hike in Norway that he completed with his wife in 2014 remains Bharadwaj’s favourite.
“The trek was so challenging that we were not sure if we would be able to make it. We trained so hard for it, but nothing could prepare us for the real thing,” he said.
Despite the gut-wrenching climb, the view from the top made it all worth it, he said. So what was his biggest takeaway from the experience? “I realised that the ups and downs of the climb are exactly how life is filled challenges. We all have our easy and tough parts in life.”

On Ratan Tata's 80th Birthday, Some Life Lessons From The Man Himself

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Ratan Tata Turns 80: An Extraordinary Inning

28 Dec, 2017

Ratan Tata turns 80 on Thursday. From starting his career on the shop floor of Tata Steel in the 1960s, and handling the blast furnace, to heading the Tata Group as Chairman, it has been a long and eventful journey for him. Being a part of a large conglomerate like the Tatas and leading it came with its own set of challenges. And, naturally, Tata has gone through plenty of ups and downs - failed ventures, disputes, losses - in his professional life. But, like a true fighter, he has always managed to overcome all odds.
As the business icon turns a year older, here's looking back at some of his oft-used quotes that have been his life mantra.

All's Not Fair & Square

28 Dec, 2017"Life is unfair and it’s nowhere written to be fair. But it ’s not only you or me, it’s for everyone. My talent differs from yours and yours from another person’s, but we have equal chances to succeed in our respective fields. When there’s a will, there’s a way."

Fuel Your Dreams

28 Dec, 2017"We always complain some external factors for our failure and misery. But the reality is none of them affect your dreams unless you give them the power to do so. Be focused on what you want to do and go ahead, success won’t be far from you."

Don't Miss The Big Picture

28 Dec, 2017"A life without excitement, ups and downs is too much boring and dull. You need to be a storyteller to your grandchildren, why don’t prepare for that from now? We get this life only once, experience every aspect of it. No one ever have grown without falling once, fail as many times as you can, then only you can succeed. So quit complaining and start exploring."

No Slowing Down, Ever!

28 Dec, 2017“Take the stones people throw at you, and use them to build a monument.”
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