Norway's black'n'rollers Slegest get their 80s groove on

By On November 05, 2018

Norway's black'n'rollers Slegest get their 80s groove on

The world might be succumbing to 80s nostalgia, but Norway’s Slegest clearly have the decade in their blood. Formed in 2010 at the behest of ex-Vreid guitarist Stig Ese, the band have a similar, no-nonsense approach to black metal, but have stripped it down even further to its rock and punk base elements, and they’re ready to herald their new, third album, Introvert - due for release via Dark Essence Records on November 16 with a video for the track Undergangens Tankesmed, awash with the wonders of 80s analogue and eight-bit technology.

Featuring Commodore 64 consoles, tape counters and slot-loading video players alongside snippets of Dallas, Fraggle Rock, Rocky and more, the video shows the band getting their gruff, blackened, punk’n’roll kicks in their living room to a track that hits a mid-paced groove motherlode, mines it with brutal eff iciency. Oh, and it has handclaps too.

“The soil of a man’s heart is stonier,” say the band, somewhat quizzically. “In a perfect world this video would be released on Betamax. It is shot on Haug, Systrond and it is filmed and produced by our fearless friend, Ørjan Talle.”

Harden your heart, harden your fists, and prepare to raise them to Undergangens Tankesmed below!

Check out Slegest's Facebook and Bandcamp page

And order Introvert from Dark Essence's European webshop or there US webshop!

Source: Google News Norway | Netizen 24 Norway

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